Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's not micro-managing

Subtle reminders are appreciated ... and necessary

I've finally come to realize that most people do not follow through on "next steps" in the time and fashion that were mutually agreed upon.  I try to smoothly navigate this sensitive terrain through thoughtful reminders as a necessary catalyst to keep things moving.

The goal is for creative reminders to be accepted as "thanks" or "good thought", and not as micro-managing.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

CRM Dashboard Should Show the Actual Shape of My Sales Funnel

It would be great if my CRM Dashboard would display a graphic that depicts the actual shape of my sales funnel.  This would be very compelling because it probably wouldn't look like a funnel.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Always Recruiting

You know that the top sports team has a strong bench.  Well, a strong bench benefits these top teams in many ways.   The starters need a break during each game and when one becomes injured the team can't afford to replace them with a second rate player.  It's also very obvious that strong bench players push the starters to play better and to follow the coach's game plan.

Top teams are always recruiting better players for their team.  They keep notes on free agents and they scout college players for their farm team.

Why don't businesses follow the same strategy?  I find that in most cases, my clients begin recruiting when they have a position to fill.  80% of the time they either go without or scramble to fill the position with the wrong person.

I wonder why these companies aren't always subtly recruiting by keeping their radar up to spot great candidates.  The best time to recruit is when you don't have an opening to fill.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Opportunity Loss from Being Dismissive Too Soon

I selected Dr. M as my personal physician because of his reputation with other patients. I remember my first annual physical with him. There wasn't much conversation since he didn't know much about me, so he spent time asking the common questions and taking measurements so that he could establish a baseline. He sent me on my merry way to get my blood tests and a flu shot and told me to schedule next year's annual physical. I wondered why people had such great things to say about him.

I recently had my third annual physical with Dr. M. This time we had a much more open conversation and he made tailored suggestions because he knew more about me. Now I understand why he has such a good reputation. I know that I will benefit from point in time email interactions and from each annual physical. It's nice to have this sort of relationship with my primary healthcare provider.

The same analogy applies to the clients of business advisors. If the client mentally checks out too early in the relationship building cycle, the client will lose the opportunity to benefit when the advisor gets passed the basics and starts to add perceptive value based on understanding the client's business and the client him or herself.