Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Teach New Customers How To Benefit From Your Relationship

 Manage Expectations With A New Customer Welcome Package

An excellent way to begin each new business relationship

  • Welcome letter from a company officer reinforces the sales proposal's promise
  • Contact information - customer, company, channel partners
  • Date for kick-off meeting to review timelines, responsibilities, potential pitfalls and status meeting schedule
  • Warranties and how to request maintenance services
  • Invoice and A/R process
  • How to request a proposal for future services
  • How to place a purchase order

An Important Synergy - Your Employees Will Benefit

If you teach new customers how to do business with your company, your people will be more efficient and better able to leverage their competencies for serving customers and finding new ones. They will be more effective in creating logical next step opportunities with each customer. They will help your company to learn from customer feedback. They will introduce referrals early in the relationship.

A totally satisfied customer will strengthen the company’s portfolio of success stories. So, start the relationship on a positive note.