Monday, July 15, 2013

Puffery Will Derail Your Brand

Self-Promoting Content Turns Off Your Audience

Much of the promotional content that we see, hear and read is an unproven self-testimonial to the marketer's products and services.  Anyone can say "we're the leader in the field of ..."  This image positioning puffery will disable a branding strategy.  Character expression is a more sustainable approach.

Character Expression enables your target audience to understand what motivates you to do what you do for them while Image Positioning puffs up an exaggerated image. Why jump into the pool of sameness as everyone else who is creating self-testimonials?  No one believes these subjective reviews anyway.

The challenge is not to create puffery, but to create raving fans who put you on stage.

Image Positioning Strains Credibility
Character Expression Builds Trust
Focus on company and its competitors
Focus on customers and employees
Exaggerates minor differences
Reveals significant differences
Fabricated evidence supports claims
Authentic experiences create differences
Goal to preserve image
Raving fans prove reality
Applies faddish style
Integrates long lasting design
Company-sponsored marcom
Media and referral driven marcom
Separates marcom from product and service delivery
Integrates marcom with delivery of products and services
Inconsistent brand messages
Brands express company values