Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fight For Your Customer But Don't Annoy Your Boss

Sales Reps Walk A Fine Line

They Fight For The Optimal Customer Experience

And Do What's Right For The Company

Smart sales reps don't present a CEM recommendation until they have have earned credibility.  In the beginning while learning about the company's products, services and touch points, they strive to understand its CEM capabilities in each area so that they don't promise more than they can deliver.

As you develop your sales practice, identify the company's CEM gaps based on customer feedback, competitive pressures and your own desire to excel.  Earn the right with your boss by achieving the goals and objectives assigned to you.

After you have earned credibility, become a CEM evangelist who can influence the company's CEM to its next level.  Implement your own internal drip marketing campaign after you have prioritized the touch points that need attention.  Recommend two ideas at a time to your boss based on this prioritized list.

Customers and partners will take notice and become more loyal while introducing you to new prospects.