Wednesday, February 3, 2016

"I Am Not My Target Market"

You Probably Don't Match Your Ideal Customer Profile

It's tempting to make intuitive marketing decisions based on your own preferences.  But, you're likely to either miss out on a great opportunity or follow a path to unsatisfactory results.  All it takes is a few false starts and your aspirations for moving your company to the next level will fade into the sunset.

What happens is that - the product or service that you've designed, or the campaign you've developed, or the channels and locations you've selected, or the price points you've chosen - are based on your perception rather than being aligned with the facts associated with those to whom you are marketing and selling.

Research, surveys, interviews and testing will enable you to define and understand each finely tuned B2B segment or B2C persona.  First, understand their pain points, objections, information sources, and what's important to them.  Then, you can innovate ways to solve problems, enhance experiences, place content where their they will discover it, and create raving fans.

Armed with a value proposition tailored to each segment or persona, you will be ready to generate, qualify, nurture and convert leads to sales ready status.

You need someone who encourages you to consider this principle every time you make a marketing decision.