Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hidden Gems In Your Content Marketing Calendar

Fortify Your Marketing Calendar To Play Two Valuable Roles

  • New Content Keeps Existing Followers Interested
  • Drip Market Older Content To New Followers
Do you typically plan the release of new content without considering new followers who join your community after this content is published?  Schedule your marketing calendar to get new followers caught up in a reasonable amount of time.  "Drip market" older relevant content in bite size chunks.

Here's an example marketing calendar that schedules a weekly educational tip and blog post; a monthly press release and success story; and a quarterly newsletter:

Weekly Educational Tip
  • Every Tuesday
  • Repeat 4 weeks later to new followers
Weekly Blog Post
  • Every Thursday
  • Blogs reference past posts, so no need to republish them
Monthly Press Release
  • First Wednesday of the month
  • Repeat 4 weeks later to new followers
Monthly Success Story
  • First Friday of the month
  • Repeat 4 weeks later to new followers
Quarterly Newsletter
  • First Monday of the quarter to existing followers
  • First Monday of each month to new followers

Your website and social media outlets should have archive links to all historical content for followers who want to proactively search your libraries.
Refresh your content annually and try delivering it via different channels such as video.

When you run lead generation campaigns, avoid information overload on a given day by using the Monday, Wednesday and Friday open slots in your marketing calendar for these communications.