Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Marketing Driven Sales Teams Build Customer Lifetime Value

Don't Ring The Bell After Closing A Sale

After a great effort to close a sale and adequately deliver their product or service, "lost opportunists" move on to the next sale without considering the opportunity presented by the customer that they just served.  Customers who are disappointed by some small thing that doesn't match their expectations may or may not return and probably won't volunteer their reason. When expectations are met, but there is no effort to exceed them, a customer may or may not return, and probably won't refer their colleagues, friends and family. 

Companies that have a consistent process to understand the degree to which a customer is nearing raving fan status are able to adjust accordingly.

Under promise and over deliver can be as simple as alerting the customer when something isn't going to happen as planned.  When everything is on track as promised, how can you exceed expectations?

Ring The Bell After A Repeat Sale Or Referral