Monday, April 28, 2014

"Value For Money" Should Be Your New Pricing Strategy

Value For Money Pricing Strategy

In the 1930's P&G and Kellogg's invented the value for money concept. They continue to develop their product strategies around what they consider to be the only three possible B2B or B2C behavioral market segments that exist:
  1. Effectiveness buyers want to do more with the same resources
  2. Efficiency buyers want to do the same with fewer resources
  3. Economizers want to do less with far fewer resources
In the prior economy companies matched the product lifecycle stage with a variety of company-centric pricing strategies such as skimming, penetration, customary, etc. In our new economy all buyers will be driven by one of these three behaviors on an opportunity by opportunity basis, not for all of their purchases.

In order to be ready for the different colored light that is now visible at the end of the economic tunnel, successful companies must develop the competency for
addressing the respective value-for-money behavior for each opportunity that enters their sales funnel.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Content Marketing Made Illustrious Through Infographics

Infographics Catch People's Attention

So That They Will Want To Read Your Content

And Say That They're Glad They Did

Pinterest provides me with a terrific repository for the infographics I've developed for my content marketing arsenal. All you need is a compelling introductory sentence and then let the infographic do its work on your blog, website, social networks and email marketing.

You can recycle the infographic with different introductions that focus on various ideas presented in the infographic.

Make sure to include a link to your Pinterest library on your website.

Here is the library of pins that I've been developing.

Maybe you can benefit from this concept as well.