Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What Is The Role Of Sales Commissions In Your Company?

If I Were a Customer and You Were a Sales Rep

Here's How I'd Like You to be Paid

How do you feel when the person with whom you are dealing will earn a commission or win a trip when you buy from them?
  • Does anyone other than the sales rep win?  Do you win? Does their company win?
  • Do they understand your needs and interests?
  • Will they traverse your buying cycle so that you can do things at your pace?
  • Will they be concerned about your experience after the sale?
  • How do you know what's behind their recommendation?  Is it truly your best interests, or an internal SPIF, or selling what's in stock, or inventory liquidation, etc.?  Do they need this sale in order to make quota?
I'd prefer to know that the sales rep is being compensated based on my level of satisfaction.  Companies need to take a fresh look at their sales compensation schemes.  They need to be designed so that when their company wins, the sales rep becomes eligible to win.


  1. nice posting.. thanks for sharing..

    1. My pleasure. Glad you found it interesting. Is there a subject that you'd like me to research and include in a future post?