Friday, May 3, 2013

Complementary Partners Required For "Whole Product" Solutions

Except for early adopters and true innovators, most people are pragmatic when it comes to making their buying decisions.  They don't want to spend time or money finding or creating the ancillary components associated with the product or service that they buy from you.  Instead, they prefer buying from a company who not only provides an excellent product or service, but who also connects them with the right complementary partners who can fill in the gaps necessary for a "whole product solution". Most likely a partner has chosen you because your products and services fit into the total solution that they offer to their customers.

If you are a "market maker", you create an umbrella under which some of your partners will develop their total business.  In other situations, partners who have a mainstream business can differentiate themselves by offering their customers your products and services as a complement to theirs.  In either situation, a win/win bi-directional relationship is essential for success.  Discover and apply the keys to success unique to your partner program.

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