Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Find Strategic B2B Buyers


Strategic Buyers Disrupt The Status Quo

Successful B2B marketers enhance their position in challenging accounts by conveying valuable insights to strategic buyers who covet growth, competitive advantage, image and productivity.  If you can propel strategic buyers to these goals, you will become part of their sphere of influence.

Invest time learning about the specific objectives a strategic buyer wants to attain. This will give you the confidence needed for making a provocative statement related to what you've learned about them.  And, you will have earned the right to position your targeted price relative to this value.

The last thing that motivates a strategic buyer is the budget.  They will always find discretionary dollars for strategic decisions. Once they have created the strategy umbrella under which actions are implemented, they delegate parameters for tactical buyers to implement.

When Confident That The Die Has Been Cast

Once your value proposition has been adopted by a strategic buyer, help tactical buyers save face. Treat them like strategic buyers and prove your capabilities, demonstrate your expertise, and establish a strong relationship.

This sort of strategic selling, if done consistently throughout your company, will raise the barrier to entry for all competitors in search of your targeted accounts, while helping you to penetrate theirs without them even knowing it.

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