Thursday, July 23, 2009

Marketing Sets The Standard for Your People to Follow

The Proof's In The Pudding. It's All About The execution.

Think about the time you spend creating plans, programs, campaigns, content, etc. How many of your employees and partners take the time to commit these promises to muscle memory?
One benefit from your marketing investment that is often overlooked is that your marketing environment should set a high and consistent standard for all aspiring employees and partners. This internal marketing should be a requirement and managers should continuously test their employees on their ability to state and explain the meaning of each marketing program and message that you create.  Without a full understanding and commitment by everyone, how can you expect complete alignment between the promisors and deliverers?

Why the High Drop-out Rate?

Maybe finishing is too hard. Maybe there are too many "urgent, but not important" distractions. Maybe people just don't like to practice.  Think about the college basketball player who practices 2-3 hours each day in order to play two 40 minute games each week.  Why don't sales reps spend more time practicing in order to improve their skills?

About 50% of my clients do not follow through [to my satisfaction] with the programs they paid me to develop and model for them. I hope it's not the quality of my work. I don't think so. I feel bad when they don't establish a legacy foothold for these plans or programs.

I read about Johnson and Johnson's "management for the long term" principal. I was impressed at how their leaders ensure sustainability by not compromising the long term due to short term thinking.

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