Thursday, July 2, 2009

Unfinished Business

Why the High Drop-out Rate?

Maybe finishing is too hard. Maybe there are too many "urgent, but not important" distractions. Maybe people just don't like to practice.

I recently completed a Tai Chi class. Through this "soft" form of traditional martial arts, body and breathing work together as a single unit with no wasted effort. Results include improved health, mental calmness and clarity. By the fifth class half the students had dropped out and only 20% completed the course. I wonder why?

About the same percentage of my clients do not follow through [to my satisfaction] with the marketing programs they paid me to develop and model for them. I hope it's not the quality of my work. I don't think so. I feel bad when they don't establish a legacy foothold for these plans or programs.

How about sales reps? Why don't they spend more time practicing in order to improve their skills? Think about the college basketball player who practices 2-3 hours each day in order to play two 40 minute games each week.

I read about Johnson and Johnson's "management for the long term" principal. I was impressed at how their leaders ensure sustainability by not compromising the long term due to short term thinking.

I believe that the proof's in the pudding. It's all about the execution.

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