Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Compete Like A Commodity But Win With Value

You Can't Avoid Buyers Who Position You As A Commodity

Their Goal Is To Compel You To Compete On Price

Below the surface you compete as a commodity to generate sales and cash flow.  Above the surface you thrive with an authentic value proposition.



Before Pitching

First, do research and conduct a sales interview to learn about your prospect.  Then, see if you can convince yourself that you have the best solution for them.  If you can't convince yourself, how can you expect to persuade your prospect?  If you proceed with your pitch before establishing emotional value in the mind of the prospect, you'll reinforce the sales stereotype by making it appear that you are interested only in yourself. Develop the patience, confidence and ability to lead with value as opposed to features, benefits and price.

Start with a sales funnel baseline where 80% of your sales opportunities are offered by commodity shoppers while 20% search for underlying value.  Determine how can you profitably compete as a commodity as you continually increase the baseline from its 20% starting point.

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